TrailRax - HD Tent Mount with 1" Rise

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This HD Tent Mount with 1" Rise is the ultimate solution for all your tent mounting needs. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this revolutionary mount is designed to keep your tent safe and secure on our renowned TrailRax Modular Roof Rack (TRMR Rack) lineup.

Crafted from heavy-duty 3/16 5052 aluminum, this mount offers unrivaled strength and weight distribution, ensuring your tent stays firmly in place, even on the most rugged terrains. While this HD Tent Mount With 1" Rise  is tailor-made for TrailRax Modular Roof Rack products, it doesn't stop there! This versatile mount is also compatible with a variety of other roof racks, making it a must-have for every adventurer seeking ultimate convenience. The 1" rise is specifically engineered to provide additional clearance over our 90 degree bend and create extra space between your tent and the roof rack for other accessories. Unlike standard one-crossbar tent mounts, this mounts to two TSLOT cross members on the rack, effectively triangulating the weight load from your tent. This innovative design provides an unparalleled level of mounting strength to your rack, giving you the peace of mind you deserve on every expedition.

For majority of tents: Soft shells, hard shells, and wedge style tents equal or less than 170 lbs you will want the 4 pack.

For larger tents: Alu-cab, Camp King, and more equal or more than 171 lbs you will want the 6 pack. The 6 Pack HD Tent Mount Kit is only compatible with a rack that is 72" Long. ***Your tent also must be 72" or longer for the 6 Pack.