CrawlTek Revolution - Blaze Rear Bumper

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Add protection and styling to the rear of your Bronco with the Blaze series rear bumper. Built from 3/16" heady duty steel, these American made bumpers are designed and manufactured in Michigan and tested on various terrains across this country to include the rocks Johnson Valley, CA, trails, dunes and backwoods from coast to coast. Stepping up from the factory bumper options, the Blaze bumper was engineered for not only superior strength, but a high clearance design to improved departure angle when you're out on the trail. It features robust recovery points that will come in handy to secure straps or D-rings.

The Blaze series is designed with customizable inserts that can be bolted-in to configure auxiliary lighting, and parking sensor configurations. This allows you to maintain OE functionality while upgrading to aftermarket auxiliary lighting solutions. They are a direct fit replacement finished and come finished in a durable 2-stage e-coat plus powder coat process for superior durability and corrosion resistance. You will be required to relocate your rear license plate over to the spare tire (not included). Give your Bronco the styling and protection it deserves with CrawlTek.