BroncBuster - BusterBrace Set

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During our research and testing of the BroncBushing out on the trail, we determined another major weak point of the Bronco steering is the tie rods, themselves. In an effort to strengthen the tie rods and prevent them from failing on the trail, we developed the Tie Rod "BusterBrace" set. These braces act as a splint made out of t6061 aluminum. Designed to help strengthen the underwhelming tie rod at its weakest point, our BusterBrace is like a layer of insurance to protect you on the trail and prevent you from getting stranded.

This part is intended for stock Bronco coils only. If you have aftermarket [front] coil overs, please contact us prior to purchasing so we can verify the diameter of your application.

We designed and manufacture these right here in the USA. Our parts are designed to capture and distribute the forces away from the tie rods weakest point.

Sold as a pair for driver and passenger tie rods.